Friday, April 27, 2018
owl photo

A new year brings new opportunities to explore birds, nature.
orange breasted bird on pine branch in snow

The best time to learn how to identify birds is now. This identification guide for 21 birds will help.
cardinal on snowy branch

Scott Shalaway shares a birding twist on the classic "The Night Before Christmas" poem.
deer photo

Over the last 30 years, deer and raccoons have cost me a small fortune. Though I never intentionally feed these backyard visitors, they're difficult to discourage.

Any one can become a bird watcher. The annual Christmas Bird Count and Great Backyard Bird Count offer bird enthusiasts an opportunity to contribute to science.
reading book in library

As the holidays approach, here are some books I recommend for any nature-lover on your gift list.

A recent study in the journal EcoHealth connects white-tailed deer and free-roaming cats to the disease toxoplasmosis.
bird feeder

Put up a bird feeder this week, and you'll soon see a nice variety of birds, including chickadees, titmice, goldfinches and cardinals.
female robin

Each day the sun rises a few minutes later and sets a few minutes earlier.
persimmons in tree

Frosty nights signal persimmons to ripen, turn from bitter to sweet, and lose their astringent nature.
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