Saturday, June 23, 2018
Baltimore oriole

Scott Shalaway shares his favorite birds of the spring migration.

Not all blackbirds are black. Red-winged blackbirds and brightly colored orioles are members of the blackbird family.

Last year Wildlife Services killed 2,307,122 problem animals. It dispersed another 34,465,659. By species, here’s a partial list of animals killed for 2017.

In honor of Earth Day, Scott Shalaway has compiled a few thoughts from some of the great minds of our time for the rest of us to ponder.
red winged black bird

Learning to identify birds by their voices is a great way to improve your confidence in your knowledge of nature.
wood frog

It's a little early to hear bullfrogs and toads, but wood frogs always get a head start on spring.

After peaking in early fall, cottontail populations are at an annual low point this time of year. But as spring begins, cottontails bounce back.
Bluebird nesting box

Scott Shalaway helps his grandson set up his first bluebird nest box.

Consider helping wildlife thrive as you tend to yard and garden maintenance this spring. Follow these tips to get started.

The first hints of migration appeared when a few turkey vultures sailed over Scott Shalaway's house. Since then early migrants have continued to return.
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