A Bachelor Party The Whole Family Can Enjoy


Mark and I never dreamed that, with two daughters, we would ever be hosting anything of the kind. Yet, there we were on a Sunday night with a “bachelor party” going on in Josie’s bedroom. Well, no, it’s not the way it sounds. She was just having some of her friends over to watch the last episode of television’s latest The Bachelor. When this show first started months ago with their first eligible Joe Schmoe being carefully coached toward his choice of 25 beauties, I vowed I would not get involved in watching it.

As far as television goes, I usually try to see the same things my girls do so I know what they are talking about. Sometimes, I like what they’re watching as much as they do. We have a lot of fun and look forward to things like “the season finale we’ve all been waiting for when we finally find out….” You name it. If it’s a season finale, we’ve probably seen it. The so-called reality type shows were where I drew the line. As the major networks attempt to come up with new entertainment (if we stretch the use of that word), and hit the high marks with ratings, I felt these shows insulted my integrity and even threatened my sanity.

So why would I watch The Bachelor? Well, there was the hype in our local paper about this latest guy’s local roots with Columbiana’s Firestone family. OK, that got my attention. Then, I heard the girls talking during the first episode, “She’s not right for him! She’s too competitive.” “She would take any bachelor just to be on the show. She doesn’t care about him!” “I can’t stand her voice. I hope he doesn’t pick her!”

Who were they talking about? I peered in and watched with them for a minute…and then I was sitting down, learning the girls’ names, and distinguishing their faces, which at first, all looked alike to me (well, not all, only half of them looked alike).

They talked about it at school – “I have to work after school, will you tape The Bachelor for me?” “You should come over and watch The Bachelor with me. He’s going to narrow it down to three tonight.” – “This is the last episode. Let’s get a pizza and watch together.” I was caught up in their mood even though I thought the show was a waste of time.

So, there we were, all staying up later than we should on a school/work night with this show on two televisions. Oh, the shame of it! We heard the girls’ “bachelor party” in the other room (our two and two friends), no girls popping out of a cake, only teens popping out to the freezer for ice cream. I said to Mark, “She’s not refined enough for him.” (And I make fun of him for watching Survivor.) Mark, just as intrigued, said, “Well, listen to her. I couldn’t stand to listen to that voice.”

We watched until he had picked his lady and proposed. I was glad when it was over. I wonder if it will really work out. Will we see them in their wedding attire in People magazine?

“Good night, girls!” and good night bachelors and bachelorettes. The dating game has come a long way.


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