Are all the choices really necessary?


“I have finally figured out what is wrong with everything. There is too much of it. I mean by that that there is too much of every single thing that one could possibly want or need except time, money, good plumbers, and people who say thank you when you hold open a door for them.”
– Bill Bryson, I’m a Stranger Here Myself

This really is the land of milk and honey, flowing until it is overflowing.
Where else in this world is there so much choice available to us in everything from coffee to cuts of beef to desserts? It is a bit overwhelming, to say the least.
Just a cup of coffee. I heard a comedian not long ago telling just such a tale of woe. He was visiting the United States, and upon his arrival at a major airport, he decided to spend his time waiting for his ride by ordering a cup of coffee. After waiting in what he claimed was the longest line he had ever seen, he finally got the chance to order his coffee.
He said to the young woman behind the counter, “I would like a cup of coffee, please,” having practiced his English long and hard enough to say it very well.
“Well, would you like caramel? That’s the flavor of the day, ya know

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