Thursday, July 9, 2020
Canada geese

On the day of Judith Sutherland's father's funeral, she and two family friends witnessed a spectacle that really was a testament to her father's values.

Judith Sutherland recalls things about being a child on a farm in the 1960s that felt almost magical.
man walking into barn

Judith Sutherland recalls a lesson she learned about respect and loyalty when a man stopped by to talk to her father about changing milk haulers.

Judith Sutherland urges readers to, do what matters most and speak the words you want carried forward in the hearts of those you hold dear.

Judith Sutherland offers insight into the complications related to COVID-19 that are impacting both farmers and consumers.
boy laughing

Sometimes the key to diffusing a tense situation is a little bit of laughter.
Raised bed garden

Judith Sutherland finds it amazing how much the world is turning back around to the way it used to be.
farm storm

Judith Sutherland urges readers not to lose hope, and instead, find strength as COVID-19 casualties continue to climb.
Belmont County cattle

Judith Sutherland discusses how farmers are being impacted by COVID-19 and reminds us we're all in this together.
sunset on a tractor

Judith Sutherland recalls the many reasons why friendship with Bill Cameron was a special thing.