Monday, May 27, 2019
Ohio farm silhouette

Judith Sutherland feels blessed to live on her farm, in the country where she feels safe.

In a column she wrote 10 years ago, Judith Sutherland recounts some of the famous jokesters of her family.
sunset tractor

Farmers carry a heavy physical and mental burden over a lifetime. Judith Sutherland reminds them to seek help when they need it.
child in a dandelion field

The best gifts of Judith Sutherland's childhood weren't gifts at all, but games played on the stage of her imagination.
Ohio farm

Judith Sutherland's parents were always happy to welcome visitors onto their farmland, knowing there is great joy in sharing such a place.
summer field

Mark Grassman was the handsome guy with an infectious smile that drew people in. A week after celebrating his 36th birthday, he died of a heart attack.

Quicksand forms in an area where soil is very high in sand when the water saturation level makes liquid mud that can trap anything it comes in contact with.
English Shepherd, Billy

Judith Sutherland's missing English Shepherd has been found. Unfortunately, it wasn't the reunion she had hoped for.

Judith Sutherland remembers Elizabeth Pastor, a gifted pianist and long-time resident of Ashland County, Ohio, following her recent passing.

The Cowboy Way, Alabama, has provided Judith Sutherland with an enjoyable escape from snow and ice.
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