Thursday, August 11, 2022

Knowing who to call when something's amiss is invaluable. Judith Sutherland recalls the value of word-of-mouth recommendations on the farm of her youth.
baseball field

One of Judith Sutherland's favorite quotes that runs through her mind is: "The secret to having it all is knowing you already do."

Following a storm, Judith Sutherland's farm was covered in splintered trees all over the place. Cleaning it up has been a lot of work.
horse races

Mike Repole had not one, but two horses qualify to run in the 154th Belmont Stakes and his interviews portrayed a happy guy who was amazed by it all. 
sunset on a hay bale

Born in Judith Sutherland's father's love of farming was an ability to see the joy in the life he had chosen.
playing cards

One of the biggest lessons learned from playing games during her childhood was how to be diplomatic winners and good losers.

Things have been much more colorful on Judith Sutherland's small farm the last couple of weeks, largely because of the return of the songbirds.
A girl at sunrise.

Children play a special role in adding value to the lives of those who have lived long enough to lose the loved ones they shared their lives with.
flowers and sun

After many cool, gray days of rain, which has dared at times to be mixed with late spring snow, there is a thrill in waking up to sunshine.

Judith Sutherland reminisces about her grandparents and all their love built, beginning in a simple ceremony on Easter in 1931.