Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Our interaction with dogs as pets has evolved over the past 100 years, creating a whole bunch of specialty industries just for our furry family members.
Holden Beach, North Carolina

Judith Sutherland prays for Holden Beach and peace and safety for all who call it home following hurricane Florance.

Judith Sutherland shares the story behind "You been farming long?" — the most highly recognized poster of all time.
children playing outside

The great outdoors was once a big part of the life of a child. Now, for good reason, we are fearful for our children, according to Judith Sutherland.
Prisoner of war flag

Judith Sutherland recalls an interview she had with a pilot with the unfortunate distinction of the longest held prisoner of war of Vietnam.
Dairy milking parlor/Farm and Dairy file photo

According to Judith Sutherland, you never really knew the strength of a friendship until your friend took a turn in the milking parlor.

It is the smell of sweet corn that brings a rush of so many memories for Judith Sutherland.

Mabel the goat strikes again, surprising and startling everyone on the farm.
american flag

The indictments of 12 Russians details various crimes against our democratic election process that demand answers.
boys climbing

We are now living through moments that will become history. What will we do about the things that are difficult to hear?
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