Thursday, January 23, 2020

Judith Sutherland shares memories of visits from her aunt Miriam, who lived in Alaska.
American flag

Although Pearl Harbor is becoming farther removed from one generation to the next, for Judith Sutherland's parents, the infamous day was sharp and clear.
wooly bear

Judith Sutherland reminds us that nature is so filled with amazing, incredible forces that we so often barely notice.
jingle bells

Judith Sutherland shares how excited her grandson was to take a ride on The Polar Express recently.

Judith Sutherland reflects on how school shootings and active shooter drills have changed the comfortable atmosphere she recalls from her youth at school.
sunset on a corn field

Judith Sutherland urges us to enjoy the open horizon, sunrise to sunset, and plant a flower or two while we can.
gift box

Judith Sutherland received a surprise visit from a loyal reader with an unexpected gift. Read her story and remember to pass along kindness wherever you go.
a child feeding cattle hay

A farm kid could never begin to count the ways in which they learned ingenuity while accomplishing even the smallest of tasks during the course of a season.

Judith Sutherland reflects on the circle of life as she visits a park that used to be her grandpa Charlie's farm with her daughter and grandchildren.
white-tailed deer

There is no longer the need to hunt for fur or survival in this part of the world, but there will always be the need to manage animal populations.