Wednesday, January 16, 2019
2000-01 Hillsdale High School basketball team

Judith Sutherland shares more memories of the bus driver, Vic Kahl, who was included in the hall of fame induction of a basketball team per its request.

Judith Sutherland says goodbye to a family friend, who worked on her father's farm during her youth.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a season in which we focus on home and family, with a conscious nod to what really matters.

As the year winds down and time keeps flying by, Judith Sutherland enjoys spending time with her grandson, who takes pleasure in the simplest things.
2000-01 Hillsdale High School basketball team

Hillsdale High School's 2000-01 state semifinalist basketball team had their bus driver inducted into the Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame with them.
happy lady

We need to decide each morning when we get out of bed whether to embrace love and happiness or to be hateful.

Judith Sutherland has watched Halloween evolve from an innocent childhood community celebration to a high-dollar commercial industry.

The agriculture sector was deeply impacted by Hurricane Michael. Everything from poultry barns to pecan orchards took a serious hit.
dairy herd

Judith Sutherland's dad often said he knew he was born in the time and place that suited him perfectly and was always grateful for that divine placement.

Our interaction with dogs as pets has evolved over the past 100 years, creating a whole bunch of specialty industries just for our furry family members.
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