Friday, January 15, 2021

Judith Sutherland remembers Nate Shafer, who was a fun and funny, a country boy with stories to tell, and a joy to be near.

There are some people who leave a tender place in memory and in the heart long after they are gone. Judith Sutherland's aunt Marilyn had that effect on her.

Judith Sutherland reviews Anna Quindlen's memoir, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake.

Judith Sutherland learned how to be a diplomatic winner and a good loser playing games in the farm house of her youth.

As Judith Sutherland lays her dog Reo to rest, her husband welcomes home a secondhand flock of sheep.

Judith Sutherland shares what she remembers best about fall during her childhood – running her hands through an abundance of golden shelled corn.
red autumn leaves

Judith Sutherland remembers her cousin Connie fondly as she grasps the grief she has over losing her life-long friend.
Dairy cow.

Judith Sutherland recalls a cow from her youth that taught her about love and loss on the farm and details how the lesson prepared her for life.
pickled cucumbers

Judith Sutherland reflects on 2020 and how we have, in many ways, circled back to the way of life in which many of us were raised.
A small town with cars parked outside the buildings and trees and other greenery in front of it.

Judith Sutherland shares her thoughts on the memories and relationships we can build by doing business close to home.