Friday, January 27, 2023

The magic of Christmas is a gift for the child in all of us. Judith Sutherland recalls a Christmas when she discovered one of Santa's secrets.
rotary telephone

Looking through the ads in a Jeromesville Senior High School yearbook dated 1950, Judith Sutherland recalls a version of her town in the past.
farm sunset

Things always change. And that is one truth we each carry with us, no matter our station in this life," Judith Sutherland writes in her column this week.
snowy farmland

Judith Sutherland believes, more than ever, "live and let live" has become a necessary mantra.

Being grounded to the earth, whether through the planting of a small garden or hundreds of acres of crops, is often seated in where we were born.

Despite a lifetime of medical struggles, Judith Sutherland's son Cort welcomes his second child, a 7-pound baby girl.

Judith Sutherland recalls visiting Miss Margaret Stover, who had chosen to remain in the century to which she had been born.
child's hand

Judith Sutherland revels in time spent with her granddaughter.

Judith Sutherland admires the way her older sister's marriage has endured through sickness and health for the last 50 years.

Judith Sutherland recalls the day she and her classmates saved her first-grade teacher from the noisy, dizzying nightmare of a horrifying mouse.