As Easy as 1, 2, 3


This week’s articles prove that sometimes things really come in threes and the third time is a charm. The three articles for this week’s print page are lists and I’m a list person, so I’m pleased. It’s a great way to start spring with these lists of helpful suggestions to improve our lives! To top them off, I encourage improving nutrition with 3 a Day of Dairy.

The commercial trend right now is finding the oldie tune that sells a product best. It has millions of us boomers singing these old familiars along with our kids (who think of them as something new and only associate them with the ad unless we fill them in). The National Dairy Council has followed suit using Len Barry’s ’60s hit 1-2-3 for its snappy new television promotion launched on March 1. It showcases the many easy ways to get three servings of milk, cheese or yogurt into your diet each day.

The dairy association tells us that a recent survey finds most moms have room for improvement when it comes to healthy eating habits. OK, I’ll admit to that. We’re in a hurry, tired, maybe a little lazy or all of these. They say nearly one out of three moms skips breakfast at least four times a week and her kids follow her example. I’m not this mom; I look forward to breakfast, and I’m accused daily of overstating my case to promote breakfast all ’round with a too-whiny-nagging plea.

Starting off the day with a breakfast that includes dairy foods helps moms and kids get the right nutrition to build strong bones and better bodies. My two girls, are you getting this? Dairy foods, available in many lowfat and fat free options, offer a natural combination of nine essential nutrients including calcium, potassium and protein.

The survey found that the top reason moms skip breakfast is lack of time. 3-A-Day of Dairy is a plan with three ingredient recipes that are easy to make in under three minutes and include three food groups. They make it easy for moms (and how about dads?) to provide a balanced breakfast and build positive eating habits for the family.

3-A-Day of Dairy is as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Look for the 3-A-Day of Dairy logo on packages of milk, cheese and yogurt showing they are an excellent source of calcium.

2) Eat favorite flavors of milk, snackable cheese and portable yogurt. Lowfat and fat free varieties are readily in the dairy case to meet taste and nutritional needs.

3) Take a “3 p.m Break” every day. Get your family to snack on milk, cheese or yogurt and tally their daily dairy servings.

Visit for all you need to know about 3-A-Day of dairy, including details on the “Win 3 Ways with 3-A-Day” promotion, great tasting recipes and to sign up for Get 3!, 3-A-Day of Dairy’s free e-newsletter offering nutritionist advice and subscriber-only freebies.


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