Bless our police


I do daycare for the two children of a policeman and his wife. I usually go to their house and, in passing, sometimes he has on his uniform. Anyone in law enforcement brings me to attention because of the uniform; that’s partly what the uniform with badge is for, right? In his home setting, though, I don’t think of his uniform. I mostly am seeing a daddy (and a good one, too, I might add.)

His kids, Mary and Daniel, are the kind of kids I love to be around. They listen to my discipline (most of the time) because they are used to it from their parents.

I’ve done daycare for enough different kids to see how much difference discipline can make in kids’ behavior. Usually children are much more in step with things than we realize. We need to treat them like the budding adults that they are. I often share whatever is on my mind (within reason) with any little people whom I might be with. I know they may not grasp the big picture I have, but they form one of their own – maybe better than my own.

Not long ago, I was taking Mary, almost 4, and Daniel, 2, on an errand in the car. I noted that something in the car needed fixed, and I went on to wonder if my husband, Mark, would ever find time to take care of it since it had been months since I first noticed it. From the back seat, Mary remarked, “You have to kiss him and then ask him to fix it.” Then I realized that Mark and I really hadn’t taken enough time lately to appreciate each other and show affection. I was overwhelmed by her youthful wisdom that had nailed the head of the problem instantly. What a special impact her words had. No doubt her family’s example had made them come to her.

I’m glad I am able to see behind the scenes of this policeman in our town. I see the everyday guy with his great family and special interests, and it makes me appreciate what he does. There is an element of risk every time he puts on his badge to go on duty. I don’t like to focus on that risk, but, Kevin, we are indebted to you and all your law enforcement colleagues. Do we appreciate you enough?

This is National Police Week. When you pass a police car, take a minute to be thankful for the men and women who have this job.

Note: Buckle Up America Week – May 21-28 (our good police want you to buckle up!)

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