Calling All Cooks!


For a month, now, we’ve run a request for recipes from our readers to be used in the next Farm and Dairy cookbook. This will be the third cookbook I’ve worked on for the paper. My theme, using recipes clipped from packaged foods, is not a new one. There are many cookbooks in my collection, but I keep cutting and saving recipes from every source – oats boxes, soup cans, cake mixes.You see them too, I’m sure.
The worst thing about mine is I don’t try them all. Oh, I intend to try them; they all sound good, but I don’t take time to check them out. The few that I try are those that sound best to my family, or maybe those that I have the right ingredients for. Too bad, because they’re sure to be a good thing, since the food companies have, no doubt, tested them before putting them on their packages.
Some of my favorites are James Beard’s Rice Salad, Prego’s No-Boil Lasagna, River Rice’s Fruit and Shells Salad, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’s Toffee Diamonds. ( I’ve lost that last one; it may be in the dusty depths under my refrigerator. Does anyone have this one from the margarine box?)
For the cookbook, I’m looking for the things you’ve clipped, tried, and liked so well that you go back to them again and again. I’ll organize them for the book, edit them into an easy to follow format and we’ll make a really great collection.
This fall, while you’re looking through recipes, deciding what you’ll make for supper, pull out a few favorites. Send me copies, or send a self-addressed envelope (I’ll stamp it for you as thanks for your sharing) and I’ll make a copy and send the original back to you. Or, if you have the time, e-mail them to the paper at
A few recipes have already come in. Many thanks! My collection will fill in the gaps, but the best Farm and Dairy cookbooks are made by all of you, our readers.
Hope to hear from you!


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