Comfy cows improve production


Would you trade places with your cows – especially on a 90-degree and humid day?
If your cows are in a well-ventilated barn with fans properly spaced and maintained, you might.
But, if you visit them and can’t wait to get away, you have work to do.
If we want our cows to be eating, milking or lying down, we need to regularly see that they like their barn and stalls.
In newer facilities, we tend to become complacent: “It was right then; it should be right now.”
In older facilities, we also become complacent: “The cows have used those stalls in that barn for the last 20 years. Of course they’re fine.”
The fact is, there are many barns where cows are sending clear messages about their surroundings, but nobody notices.
Cow language. How are the cows communicating? They communicate in both obvious and subtle ways.

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