Saturday, February 4, 2023

Use this time of year to reflect on the past year and develop a resolution for the coming year.
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Cows that are not eating, resting, drinking, showing heat or being milking indicate an opportunity to give your cows an extra Christmas gift this season. 
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An Ohio State University Extension educator answers a variety of commonly asked tax questions from Ohio farmers.
Cows in a field.

This week's Dairy Excel column outlines a recently-published article on the "Current Enteric Methane Mitigation Options" for ruminant livestock.

The dry conditions across many parts of Ohio provide an opportunity to take soil samples and apply lime where needed. 
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Now is the time to consider if the Dairy Margin Coverage program will improve your risk management in 2023. 
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Improving cow comfort by removing barriers affecting intake is perhaps the single greatest opportunity to promote feeding behavior and optimize DMI.
Holstein dairy cows

Just like an effective football coach, you must prepare and coach your herd to perform properly in the fall and prepare the cow herd to win each game. 

Earning income and paying self-employment taxes as a farm manager has an impact on future social security retirement benefits. 
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Plenty of potential disasters can impact our farm businesses. Are you prepared in the event disaster strikes your farm?