Thursday, October 29, 2020
Farmer milking cows

Right now, markets continue to value protein over fat. Learn more about the main dietary factors that are related to increased milk protein yield.
ohio farm

In this Dairy Excel column, solvency — the measure of the ability of a business to pay all debt obligations following the sale of all assets — is explained.
dairy cattle

Dairy Excel columnist David Marrison considers some issues within dairy industry and other agricultural sectors that the pandemic has shed light on.
dairy cattle

Learn how to calculate debt per cow.
chopping corn silage

It is time to start estimating yields and if needed negotiating a price with neighboring grain farmers for the additional silage you will need.

In his Dairy Excel column this week, Chris Zoller explains calculating debt to asset ratio.

David Marrison urges farm managers to set aside time to work through the issues required to make their businesses more successful.

Learn more about farm management practices to make sure you have enough high-quality forage for 2020 and 2021.
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Managing dollars and using cost of production to inform price risk management is essential for every dairy farm.

Learn more about Repayment Schedule: Scheduled Debt Repayments from the Dairy Excel 15 Measures of Dairy Farm Competitiveness bulletin.