Sunday, July 15, 2018

The decision to sell cows or exit farming is never easy. Use these tips to ease the process.
Dairy cow.

In May, we celebrate Mother's Day but did we take time to consider how grateful we should be to the four-legged moms, the cows that produce milk for us.
thank you note

Can we ever understand the impact of a handwritten note of appreciation? That simple gesture has the power to change lives, especially our own.
dairy cows

Dairy farmers should re-evaluate the use of the 2018 Dairy Margin Protection program before the June 1 deadline. Learn more about the recent changes.
poison hemlock

When stands of established alfalfa get thinner weeds become a problem. The presence of poisonous weeds are of greatest concern in established alfalfa.
Manure application

As public scrutiny of water quality increases in Ohio, it is clear that producers must manage manure applications to minimize environmental impact.
alfalfa field

If weeds become a problem, they can compete or interfere for light, nutrients, water and space, directly influencing yield, quality and standability.
Holstein dairy cows

There are a number of options to consider when analyzing farm financial records and looking at ways to trim expenses.

Distiller grains have been used as a feed ingredient in dairy rations because of high protein and fiber. Including them in a diet can lower feed costs.
Dairy feed vitamin supplements

Find out what can be done to reduce vitamin supplementation costs and what can be done if you cannot find any vitamin A.
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