Sunday, January 17, 2021
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In this week's Dairy Excel column, David Marrison answers all your farm tax questions.
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Maurice Eastridge cautions dairy farmers to brace for a continuation of challenges in 2021, and I encourage them to examine their farm management practices.
Farmer milking cows

Ohio State University is providing a certificate course to assist dairy farm owners and managers with labor management on farms.

Bonnie Ayars analyzes the perception of agriculture as viewed through the lens of the American consumer since COVID-19.
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Dianne Shoemaker offers tips to help farm managers plan ahead for income tax season.
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Harvest the lessons learned from 2020, take a deep breath during winter, and then chart our 2021 business strategies.
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Taking the time to develop a mission statement will provide your farm business with a meaningful foundation to be successful today and in the future.
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Record-negative producer price differentials wreaked havoc whether there were risk-management plans in place, or not. Dianne Shoemaker offers insight.

Winter annual cereals utilize six to seven months of the year and capture an additional 33% of the crop production potential. Learn more about options.
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Learn how to determine when to voluntarily cull cows from the herd based on income over feed costs and non-feed direct/variable costs.