Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Young farm couple

Millennials are energetic and educated, but they want to have flexibility in the workplace.
corn kernels and dollar bills

What is flowing "into" your farm's wallet? This question is the opposite of last month's column and is equally important.

David Marrison urges farmers to deal with low commodity prices by reevaluating fixed costs, advocating for agriculture and staying informed.
Farmer milking cows

The five traditional senses of taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch are critical in our working with dairy cattle.
corn kernels and dollar bills

You know how many dollars are flowing out of your farm's wallet, but per cow, per hundredweight, per ton or per bushel? Is the farm profitable?
Manure holding pond

The consequences of a manure spill and the degree of negative impact it has, along with the cost, all depend on how prepared you are to deal with it.
adult journal

In life, we are the sum total of our experiences. Whether they are positive or negative, they still define us and help to write “the story.”
farm workers

Each generation has its thoughts, beliefs, and ideals with respect to a number of items. What are the differences with respect to employment?
Calf feeder

Is it cheaper to raise calves using automated or individual feeding? Find out which management practices can cut the costs of raising replacement heifers.

Employee management requires a skill set that is different from the one needed to milk cows. Learn how to work with and manage employees more effectively.
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