Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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While the all-milk price for 2022 is high, farmers still need to protect their milk income. Learn more about tools and tactics to protect your milk income.

Taking care of the udder and teats during the harshest weather of the year will keep the cows comfortable and healthy, meaning fewer cases of mastitis.

Learn more about farm management practices that may help you offset the increasing costs of fertilizer.
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It is time to remind operators and applicators about the importance of following safety precautions when working around manure storage facilities.
Dairy cows

In this week's Dairy Excel, Dianne Shoemaker looks at financial indicators for 18 dairy farms that participated in the Ohio Farm Business Analysis Program.
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Milk production increases and labor savings determine whether an automated system is more profitable. The greatest effect on both is facility design. 
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Your written goals for your dairy farm should be specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timed, or SMART, for short.

Use the lessons learned from 2021, take a deep breath during winter and then chart our 2022 business strategies.
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Twenty-one Ohio dairy farms participated in the 2020 Ohio Farm Business Analysis Program. Dianne Shoemaker shares the results in this week's Dairy Excel.
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Learn how to pass on good money management skills to children by defining needs and wants, and having the discipline to understand the difference.