Thursday, July 9, 2020
Holstein dairy cows

Learn more about assistance programs that can help dairy farmers.
calculator and notebook

There are strategies farmers can follow to become more economically resilient. Learn more in this week's Dairy Excel column.
round bales wrapped in plastic

Learn how proper management can help you avoid the risks of botulism and listeriosis and maximize your results in a baleage production system.
dairy tour

2020 is going to be a rough year for farmers. David Marrison offers some farm management tips to cope with the circumstances surrounding the markets.
alfalfa field

Managing weeds in seedling alfalfa can significantly reduce those stand losses and preserve the quantity and quality of the first and subsequent cuttings.
Holstein cows

Learn how to determine your farm's liquidity, as measured by current ratio and working capital.
Farmer milking cows

Learn more about the hazards of incomplete milking and how to monitor instances of it among your herd.
simmental cow

Learn how to manage uncertain cash flow with tips from Dianne Shoemaker in this week's Dairy Excel column.
Farmer milking cows

Establishing and teaching protocols for crucial farm tasks form the foundation of training farm employees.
Ohio farm silhouette

How is ROA calculated? Ohio State University Extension educator Chris Zollar offers insight in this week's Dairy Excel column.