Thursday, August 11, 2022
Dianne Shoemaker

If Dianne Shoemaker had to choose two words to describe the dairy industry over the past 36 years, "constant change" would be her pick.
Dianne Shoemaker

After more than 30 years with Ohio State University Extension, Dianne Shoemaker, field specialist in dairy production economics, is retiring June 30.

Planting warm season annual grasses is a feasible way to improve summer pastures or hay fields to maintain dry matter production during the summer slump. 
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Learn how to cope and how to support family members and the community at large when tragedy strikes.
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Many farm and non-farm businesses are struggling to attract good employees. Ohio State University Extension educator David Marrison has some advice.

Although it was a long time coming, the 10th anniversary of DairyPalooza took place at the Wayne County Fairgrounds April 30. 
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Farm managers should assist dairy animals through transitions within the herd by reducing health risks and promoting longevity and profitability.
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Wheat can be both a cover crop or a fall pasture, which provides a provisional forage when hay or silage is running out in the summer. 
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For some producers across the state, last winter was hard on an established alfalfa hayfield. An option is to improve the stand with perennial grasses. 
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Finding joy and clinging to that joy is what will bring you through hard times, and it has some health benefits, too.