Composting could have helped Buckeye Egg



It was a sad day for the Ohio livestock farmer when a jury of his peers fined Anton Pohlmann and Buckeye Egg more than $19.7 million for violating the health and safety of his neighbors, though the jury did its job well in this case.

The verdict opens the door for any neighbor of every hard-working, struggling livestock farmer who is trying to make a living for his family.

This past March, I visited with Buckeye Egg legal counsel to tell him of an In-Vessel Composting System that would turn their chicken mortality, manure and egg waste into a saleable product in only three days.

In one week, Anton Pohlmann could be making a profit from the very product that is now costing him $19.7 million. It took that attorney less than 24 hours to notify me that his client was not interested.

I recently visited Buckeye Egg farm with the manufacturer of this composting concept to discover that Buckeye Egg’s manure is dry enough to compost without adding any dry matter to it, thus reducing odor and all those pesky flies.

Bob Yost

Mansfield, Ohio


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