Hazard A Guess: Week of April 15, 2004.


Hello from Hazard.

The mailbag and computer e-mail in-box were buzzing with answered to Item No. 707.

It is a leather riveting tool, or gun.

Walt Fahrny of Rootstown, Ohio, recalls his father using one to repair harness.

“It used a rivet with a 3/8 inch head and a 1/8 inch shaft that was hollow at the end opposite the head,” Fahrny writes.

“You needed a leather punch to put a hole in the leather, and then inserted the rivet and washer and set on the tool with the head at the bottom, so the screw part came down on the rivet and splayed it out.”

Different length rivets could be used for different thickness of leather.

Jerry Davis of Homeworth, who shared the item with readers, did a little detective work on the manufacturer listed on the tool: “Sheehan Mfg. Co., Salem, O. Patented Dec. 14, 1897.” And, indeed, the company was a maker of leather-working tools and other specialties.

We also heard from: Don Ringer of Cambridge, Ohio; Linda Dinsmore of Washington, Pa. (a correct guesser with this, her rookie attempt!); Myrta Litman, Washington, Pa.; Les Howell, Beach City, Ohio; Robert Smith of Southington, Ohio;

G.A. Henderson, Williamstown, W.Va.; Jack Heile, Transfer, Pa. (he calls it a “riveted chain breaker); Don Knox, Claysville, Pa. (who also remembers his father using it); and brothers Art Bilek of Norton, Ohio, and Leonard Bilek of Shreve, tag-teamed their answer and both agreed it was the riveting tool.

* * *

This week’s item looks like a homemade gadget. Ralph Anstine of Alliance, who shared the photo with Hazard, says the long handle is an ax handle and is probably a replacement.

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Our thanks to the readers who send in photos and to the many readers who respond each week!

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