Hazard A Guess: Week of Feb. 7, 2001


Hello from Hazard!

Will the real Item No. 636 please stand up. A sharp-eyed Carl Skeels of Lewis Center, Ohio, tells us that Item No. 636 isn’t a corn jabber, but a potato planter. There is a difference. If you used the potato planter for corn, Skeels says, all the seed corn would be in one hill!

Jerry Yoder of Millersburg, Ohio, added his voice to Item No. 637, which we identified in last week’s column. It was used to cut slate for roofs.

Item No. 638 was quickly identified by several readers (as we suspected it would be). The item, sent in by Joe Betz of Library, Pa., is a device to lift glass jars out of hot water when canning.

Readers correctly identifying the gadget were: Don DeVolld, Belle Valley, Ohio; Richard Werstler, North Canton, Ohio; Leland Zurbrugg, Sebring, Ohio; and Andrew D. Miller, Fresno, Ohio (who adds an intriguing postscript that must have a good story behind it… he says it can also be used to catch an opossum by the head to get him out of a trap!). Make sure your sterilize it good before using it on the canning jars again!

We won’t be as easy on you this week… thanks to John Borkowski of Kirtland, Ohio, who sent in Item No. 639. What do you think this contraption was used for?

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