Hazard A Guess: Week of July 31, 2003.


Hello from Hazard!

Well, unless any more storms blow through by Thursday, I hope you’ve all dried out after Sunday night’s pounding. July has not been kind to us; we’ll be glad to see it go.

Dedicated Hazard-ite Joe Betz of Library, Pa., sends in a quick note on Item No. 685, which he confirms is a cable eye maker. The tool has four sizes where the cable eye blank is inserted, with the cable formed into an eye. The tool then squeezes the blank tight against the cable to ensure a tight connection.

More mail on Item No. 686, which we unveiled last week as a grinder disk trimmer. We heard correct responses from Ed Johnson of Westerville, Ohio; Rich Patton, Edinburg, Pa.; and Art Bilek of Norton, Ohio. Many thanks.

One sharp-eyed reader identified last week’s mystery item, Item No. 687, as an old cast iron meat tenderizer.

Carey Gaynor of Navarre, Ohio, says he’s had several of these. All of them had a blimp, or zeppelin, outline, along with the word “AKRON” cast into the side of the handle. The same was true of our example; we just placed that side of the handle down for the photograph (no clues allowed, remember?).

Our new Hazard item comes to us from Walter Whitmire of Butler, Pa., via Tom Downing of Ellwood City, Pa. It measures approximately 17 inches long and the rod, which is a half inch in diameter, is a foot long.

Part of the handle says “pat. appld for.”

I’ve got lots more description, but I’ll hold some of it in the event that we’ve stumped just about everyone. (OK, I’ll give you one more hint. It says “Squanto” on the handle, too.)

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