Hazard A Guess: Week of Sept. 13, 2001


Hello from Hazard!

We skipped last week because of the early deadline (you folks were just getting your paper when we were putting the early section together). Plus that gave us more time to get your ideas on Item No. 627.

The down side is that your ideas on Item No. 627 are all over the place. We think it’s a wire stretcher (or at least that’s what people have told Stanley Carpenter, who submitted the hazard-ous item). It’s also what readers Wally Krauss of Madison, Ohio, and Charles Spencer of Sewickley, Pa., tell us it is.

On the other hand, Howard Wagner of Lowell, Ohio, says it’s a rod wrench used in the drilling business, and Hal Cagot – all the way from Seattle, Wash. – tells us it’s a pipe bender. He’s used similar devices for bending pipe for electrical and plumbing projects.

You decide.

This week’s item comes from William Gordon of Youngstown, Ohio, who found it in an old barn. Both are about 3 inches long by 21/4 inches high. Each has a set of brass pulleys with a keeper on one side. We know we swore off mystery items, but here’s yet another one, because Gordon has no idea what the items are used for.

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Until next week, Happy Hazard-ing!


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