Hearth to Heart:Button Up Your Overcoat


Coats! Jackets! Rainslickers! Our little hall tree is loaded – so top heavy that it’s ready to topple over. Our dining chairs are strewn with wraps, too. We shouldn’t have this many outerware choices – many more than we need, but so many things are out of the closet because of the weather.

We’ve been going from a day warm as summer with the next a cold, drippy, bone-chiller complete with wind to box our ears.

What’s with the weather? It is hard to know how to dress. Some days it is colder when the kids come home from school than when they left. If I can’t keep up with how to dress, how can the kids? So we have all the wraps out at once. I’m wishing for a nice run of mild, moderate May days. Come on spring: We’re ready to put some of these coats away!


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