In books we have invaluable friends


There may be those who will disagree with my personal belief that of all the privileges people came to enjoy in the 20th century, the availability of books on every subject that mortals could imagine was the most valuable.

Invaluable friends. The debt we owe to books is to recognize the literature published as our mentors without rods to keep our attention, they are never asleep when disturbed, they never conceal their knowledge, they never complain, and they never ridicule us for our own lack of knowledge.

The knowledge obtained from books is often more valuable than worldly riches.

A person who loves books is never lacking a companion, wise counselor, stress release or comforter.

The importance of books has been appreciated in areas of human interest where least expected.

The pen and ink of knowledge is more treasured and admired than the blood of martyrs.

Relieve the boredom. If a person traveling were to take just one book for entertainment, they may soon become quite tired of it, however a variety of books can be used to avoid boredom.

There is a benefit of reading from diverse interests.

It is quite satisfying to obtain and read quality literature.

It has been often said a person should read every thing of something and

something of everything.

Escape into books. Not only does a library contain infinite riches in a single room or dwelling but a person can sit at home and visit all quarters of the world.

Comfort and consolation, refreshment and pleasant times may be found in a library by anyone.

A person may find literature of other nations and times of some interest; however, many will enjoy and feel more at ease with books of their own time and people.

To any lover of books the mention of authors or poets brings up many enchanting memories, grateful recollections of peaceful home hours after the labors and anxieties of the day.

How thankful we ought to be for those inestimable blessings, for the numberless friends who never weary, ridicule or forsake a person.


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