Just a farmer

sunset on a farm

I checked the evening news and heard a politician say, “He’s just a farmer out

there sitting on his bale of hay.”

I took exception to the politician’s choice of words. And wondered did he have a

clue? He sounded so absurd.

The man that he was funning might not be the world’s charmer. But I’d

appreciate a different tone when saying, “Just a Farmer.”

‘Cuz Just a Farmer raised me up since I was mere a boy. He taught me how to

show respect and never to annoy.

Just a Farmer, where I’m from, grows food to feed us all. At night he’ll be home

on his knees, asking for rainfall.

When you’re frying eggs and bacon after climbing out of bed. Remember Just a

Farmer helps to keep your children fed.

It doesn’t matter what you’re eating, any time of day. The food that’s on your

plate is how the farmer gets his pay.

He prays his harvest pays the bills, a hefty year’s price tag. If he makes some

extra cash, he’ll accept it without brag.

Just a Farmer won’t sleep in. He’s up before first ray. Nine to five to him is only

working half a day.

You’ll see him baling hay at night. He burns the midnight oil. Just a Farmer is the

sole caretaker of his soil.

He’s learned to grow his crops. Been educated through the years. He takes the

good years and the bad with smiles and sometimes tears.

Just a Farmer, dairyman, keeps moo juice on the flow, so you can have a glass of

milk to dip your Oreo.

Let’s not forget ice cream. To go without, it sure would bite. Let’s thank the

farmer for the Rocky Road we eat at night.

The Just a Farmer that I know is quiet and reserved. He’ll always pass to someone

else the credit he deserved.

So, when you’re talking farmer show respect that’s way past due. ‘Cuz if it

weren’t for farmers, you’d be missing a meal or two.

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