Friday, August 17, 2018
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Those of us lucky enough to be on farms know there is plenty of entertainment out among the more wild part of the country.

Don Harpster lifted Judith Sutherland's spirits back in the 1980s when farmers struggled. Now, at 90, he still knows how to inspire the farmer in all of us.

The decision to sell cows or exit farming is never easy. Use these tips to ease the process.

Crop scouting needs to begin before the crop is planted and continue throughout the growing season.

When Judith Sutherland's dad landed her mom, he nearly blew it all when he told her he couldn't take her to the prom because he had to plant corn.

Unsure about the legalities surrounding farmland leases? Check out these five things you should know before making an agreement.

What would happen if U.S. farmers stopped producing animals for food and Americans went vegan? Researchers recently explored those questions.

You may not realize it yet, but your brand is an invaluable asset. Obtaining a registered trademark can help you protect your farm business.

Whether farming large or small, so much is out of the farmer's control, buying retail and selling wholesale. It seems mighty unfair so much of the time.

Shortly after he turns 86 on April 10, Eugene Glock will begin planting his 70th corn crop on the Butler County, Nebraska, farm he operates with his son.
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