Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Climate change is reshaping the landscape in the western U.S. and dictating where farming is possible. Alan Guebert digs into the government's response.

Eliza Blue shares a story from back when she still had a rooster and more chickens and chicks than she knew what to do with.

Eliza Blue ruminates on what it means to live a life well lived, as her days are marked by both the beginnings and ends of lives.

Eliza Blue finds herself managing all the usual challenges of calving season and life amid lots of snow, lots of wind and very cold temperatures.

Everyone handled winter differently on the dairy farm of Alan Guebert's youth. He recalls each quirk with reverence in this week's column.

Our fear of hunger dictates a food system where farmers are embedded in a system that pushes for ever-higher yields, production, exports and profits.

Alan Guebert weighs in on the perceptions of California's Proposition 12, which aims to set minimum welfare standards for livestock and poultry products.

The folks who live and work on the Dakota plains have to be as resilient and deeply rooted as the grasses that thrive here. 

Eliza Blue adopts four orphaned lambs on top of the ones bred on her farm, making it an interesting, hectic and still-manageable lambing season.

Alan Gubert points out problems with the White House's request for $33 billion to respond to the war in Ukraine, specifically, funds meant for farmers.