Live in harmony


“Abraham said unto Lot: Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, for we be brethren” Genesis 13:8.”

Just think how different life would be if we the people of this earth would live in harmony one with another. Abraham said to Lot “Let there be no strife between us” Genesis 13:8. In plain words what he was saying, let’s do our best to get along with one another.

If you want a good marriage you have to work on it together. A good marriage cannot be a one-sided relationship. Every so often I meet someone who tries to make me believe they never had a misunderstanding or argument with each other. I find that hard to believe however, I believe it is possible if we truly live by the teachings of the Bible.

I believe you can have a misunderstanding or argument with each other if you forgive each other and clear the air of the misunderstanding immediately without letting it cause dissension and hard feelings. In other words, do your very best to live in harmony.

“As much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men” Romans 12:18.

I think a good rule of thumb to live by is if you have a misunderstanding be willing to clear it up completely before you end the day and go to bed that very night. If you fail to do that you both will wake up the next morning still harboring bad feelings and your day is not going to be very good. Why waste another day of harmony with one another when you really do not have to?

Life is too short to waste your time living with bad feelings My friend, do not waste another moment living with bad feelings with another person. Do your best to live in harmony with your family, neighbors, friends and your fellow man. Your life will be happier and you and your family, family, friends, neighbors and fellowman will be also.

“Only a life built into God’s plans can succeed. Half of our discouragement is due to the fact that we are not in tune with the infinite harmony or the great power. We should be helpers in building the city of Go — a city that will endure when all cities crumble to dust.”

— Bishop Herbert E. Welch.

Have a great day today and live in harmony and peace with your fellowmen and be happy. “Keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace” Eph. 4:3.


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