Making Spirits Bright


Our first big snowfall made the holiday decorations that we’ve seen since October finally belong. I’ll have to admit that outside decorating goes easier when the weather is mild. If that means getting lights and tinsel out before Thanksgiving, then, OK. I’m beginning to rescind my aversion to early decorating. I sent Mark outside with our door wreath and windowsill swags on Thanksgiving weekend while the sun was shining.

Although our holiday spirits may rise with the glow of the glitz, it takes more than that to set a Christmas mood. Music works best for me. From Thanksgiving afternoon around the jigsaw puzzle when I first hear Steve and Edie blare That Holiday Feelin’ to the day I set my car radio to an “all Christmas station” after hearing it all day at work, let the carols ring.

Trying a new Christmas song gave my spirit an additional boost. Unsure at first, I brushed arms with my friend and pastor, Milton, while we practiced a duet. A surge of confidence from our joint efforts strengthened and steadied my voice – did he feel it, too? It was the touch that did it – human connection. Teacher and writer, Leo Buscagllia gave this basic, simple concept his best recommendation encouraging us to touch each other; hug each other. We don’t do it enough.

Reaching out and physically touching those around us in a caring way promises a prescription for our sorry souls like no other – touch and be touched. For this special season and all year through, I wish you many hugs and warming touches. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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