Not even Google could name this antique tool! Can you?


Hello from Hazard!
Well, you made us beg, but then you came through. We finally received some identification of Item No. 1098, originally submitted by Randy Winland, of Prospect, Ohio.
The tool, according to Winland is a universal shock absorber wrench, “used to install shock absorbers on cars, by reaching through the mounting hole and threading the swivel coupling onto the shock piston rod. The wrench end fit on the end of the piston rod and held it while the mounting nuts were tightened.”
And many of you knew that (and own one, too), including John Neidemire, Leipsic, Ohio; Brian Spatz, Berea, Ohio; Cynthia Dapolito; Cindy Christani; Rich Parilla, Huron, Ohio; Jeff Wilkes, Montville, Ohio; Peter Grbic, Hiram, Ohio; Teresa Saling; Gary Kapusta, Ravenna, Ohio; Wendell Cole, Lisbon, Ohio; Ted and Kay Cobbs, Alliance, Ohio; and Charlie Wilson, North Canton, Ohio.
Actually, Wilson confessed his good friend — “and the best mechanic in the state of Ohio” — Bob Gibbs of Dover, told him what it was. Gibbs added that the three holes have different shapes, as different manufacturers made different shapes on the ends of their studs.
Our thanks to everyone who responded! We knew you were out there!

Closeup of the head of this weeks mystery tool.

On to Item No. 1099, shared by Michael Sutherin, of West Liberty, Ohio, who included this note:

Side view of this weeks mystery tool.
Side view of this weeks mystery tool.

“A friend picked this up in an antique store because he thought it was neat. Problem is, the store staff didn’t know what it was, so he brought it to church. A few of us made some guesses and I’ve spent about five hours searching the web… and I get many odd-looking images, but none that look like this tool.”
He adds that it’s between 6 and 7 inches long, with four offset prongs and a slotted area in the middle.
Sure would love to prove that Farm and Dairy readers are smarter than Google, so help Michael and his friend figure out how it was used!
Email us at; or respond by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.

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