Notes from a Label Baby Mom


I enjoy keeping an eye on fashion. Not that I dress so well, but I’ve always been fascinated by handbags and, impervious to my husband’s dismay at my overflowing boxes of footwear, I feel there’s definitely a certain shoe that completes the look of every outfit.
OK, I know dressing to achieve a certain “look” is superficial. My parents did well to teach me that wanting too much “stuff” is materialistic, but, in today’s world of mega-marketed-must-haves, sometimes I have to dig deep to remember that lesson. More often, I’m sucked along with the flow of consumer trends, though I tell myself to step back, take a deep breath and pray for wisdom.
I wasn’t surprised when a color photo on a newspaper page caught my eye. A teenage girl, looking very like my daughter, was sitting on a bed supported behind by brightly colored, decorative pillows and surrounded in front with an array of designer “stuff”. The item that made me look twice was the familiar print pattern of her purse; I recognized it as a Louis Vuitton.
I found one very like it at a thrift shop shortly after Christmas


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