Overland’s economical, elegant cars


The yesteryear’s family purse could not afford a big, expensive car, but their pride could not afford a small, unsightly vehicle either. This is where the Overland car manufacturer’s concept came into play.

Overland attempted to prove that a small, comfortable, beautiful, economical car was not an impossible ideal.

Its performance matched its appearance, comfort and completeness.

Good deal. The price, $615, was less than any other of the vehicles manufactured by Overland. It entered the market July 1916.

Many people were impressed with its attractive exterior and finish. When a customer looked it over, he or she was anxious to ride in it and also drive the car.

Despite record production figures and a variety of price levels at the time, there were not enough vehicles to satisfy supply and demand. As always, customers were interested in top-class automobiles at a low price.

New models. In September 1916, two new models were introduced, New Four and New Six. The New Four was $795 and New Six was $925.

At that time, Overland said it was the only company that made 1,000 cars of this size and class. It even indicated that its competitors produced only half that many.

Its high production enabled them to use higher quality material and to ensure an accuracy in workmanship that the competition could not beat.

The New Four had the gas tank in the rear of the vehicle (other cars had it in the front), 35-horsepower motor, an Auto Lite electric starting system and all the electric switches were on the steering column.

The New Six had a 40-horsepower motor and the same features as the New Four but on a larger scale. The motor was the main aspect that Overland emphasized. It made for fast getaways and smoothness.

It cost less than any other six-cylinder on the market.

More production. Another Overland was introduced in November. The Touring Sedan was a closed car with open-car freedom. Two models were produced: The “Four” was $1,195 and the “Six” was $1,325.

These were the first full-sized touring sedans offered to the public.

The change from a closed vehicle to open was as easy and quick as raising or lowering the windows.


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