Pork producers respond to column


If you were to interview yourself, then write a story based on the interview, it’s a safe bet the story might be more self-serving than, say, what your neighbor or mother-in-law might write about you.
Memo. In fact, certain – as the boss at the National Pork Producer Council (NPPC) proved recently in a lengthy, 16 question-and-answer memo to “NPPC Board Members, State Executives, NPPC Staff” in reply to column here two weeks ago that outlined an Environmental Protection Agency audit of Validus Services, LLC, a for-profit subsidiary of the nonprofit NPPC.
The memo, from Neil Dierks, CEO of the council, did not dispute the reported facts; it couldn’t because all came from a February 2007 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Inspector General report that recommended the agency seek to recover nearly $25.2 million of the $25.4 million given America’s Clean Water Foundation (ACWF) in three federal grants, $21.1 million of which went to the pork producers’ Validus for on-farm environmental assessment work.
Selective. Instead, Dierks takes exception to how the column “selectively uses words contained in the EPA

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Alan Guebert was raised on an 800-acre, 100-cow southern Illinois dairy farm. After graduation from the University of Illinois in 1980, he served as a writer and editor at Professional Farmers of America, Successful Farming magazine and Farm Journal magazine. His syndicated agricultural column, The Farm and Food File, began in June, 1993, and now appears weekly in more than 70 publications throughout the U.S. and Canada. He and spouse Catherine, a social worker, have two adult children. farmandfoodfile.com