The holiday season is upon us now, and many people will entertain family and friends in their homes. With much company comes much noise.

It’s always a joy to have company and fellowship one with another; however, as much as we enjoy it sometimes, we are ready to enjoy quietness. Sometimes I enjoy going to my office and doing nothing but enjoying the peace and quietness. Other times, I long for the noise of family and friends. I enjoy the times of both

In my times of quietness, I relax and think about how blessed I am to have a good family and many good friends. In spite of the problems of our nation and all that is going on in life around us, I agree with the singer, Louis Armstrong, It’s a Wonderful World.

I think sometimes in our life, quietness is a good therapy.

“I have often regretted my speech, never my silence.” — Publius Syrus.

There are times when most of us wish we could relive a time when we spoke out of turn or spoke to quickly without thinking.

I need wide spaces in my heart

Where Faith and I can go apart

And grow serene

.Life gets so choked by busy living

That love slips by unseen.

— Anonymous

If possible today when you finish reading this column, take time out and spend ten minutes in quietness and feel the difference.

Think about it!



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