Read it Again: Week of April 12, 2001.


80 years ago this week.

Rosetta L. Zimmerman of Washington Court House, the first female game and fish protector in Ohio, recently passed the regular examination for a salaried position and has been asked by the fish and game bureau to make her choice of counties.

Stark County Judge Ake approved the purchase of a fast Studebaker touring car for the use of the sheriff in chasing whisky runners.

50 years ago this week.

Mahoning County is instituting a county-wide brucellosis testing program, and in eight to ten weeks a mobile laboratory, plus all equipment and personnel, will be at the disposal of dairymen. More than 800 Mahoning dairymen with 11,500 cattle were petitioned to cooperate in this testing program, the first time anything on brucellosis control has been done on a county-wide basis. A milk collector will be hired for each township.

25 years ago this week.

May we brag a little? “Farm and Dairy” is truly the newspaper of auction sales. A record was set for the two preceding papers, one with 90 sales advertised, the other with 89. We get auction sales from further and further away, which must mean that Farm and Dairy readers are good buyers. The March 25 paper also had 72 pages, which is the most ever printed in a regular edition. And paid circulation is growing steadily, now on the way to 19,000. This all seems to prove that people will pay for a paper they find useful to them, and that they make good use of the advertising they find there.


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