Read it Again: Week of Aug. 9, 2001


80 years ago this week. Due to a “bread war” in Toledo, the price of 24-ounce loaves at wholesale has dropped from 12 cents each to 8 cents.

The seven-day Redpath Chautauquas, offered in Warren, Alliance and Salem, featured the Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera H.M.S. Pinafore; the New York Brass Choir; Marcus A. Kavanaugh, judge on the Supreme Court of Chicago; and numerous musical performers. Season tickets, including war tax, were $2.75 for adults; $1.38 for children.

50 years ago this week. A Miami County survey done by the National Safety Council has found that the average medical and hospital bill after a non-fatal farm accident is $54.64. The survey covered 802 farms in 12 townships. During the year, 318 accidents resulted in 435 days of hospitalization, which cost $17,377 for medical and hospital bills, and $1,116 for labor to replace injured workers. During the survey there were two fatal accidents. Designed by agricultural economist Richard H. Baker, the survey may be applied to all of Ohio with accuracy.

25 years ago this week. Mike Eastlake of Kingsville, Ohio, won a registered Angus heifer calf given away during the Cleveland Indians Farmer’s Night. The heifer was purchased from Ron Novak of Burghill, president of the Northeastern Ohio Angus Association. Novak fitted the 14-month-old heifer and delivered her to Cleveland Stadium.

Ohio’s top Brown Swiss herd on test, owned by Vernon Fledderjohann of St. Marys, averaged 16,853 pounds milk and 703 pounds butterfat. It was the first Ohio Brown Swiss herd to reach the 700-pound mark. In the Holstein ranks, the herd of Ervin and Sheila Recker of Yorkshire averaged 24,106 pounds milk and 930 pounds fat on 16 cows. It was the first herd in Ohio to ever reach 900 pounds fat.

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