Read It Again – Week of Dec. 21, 2000


80 years ago this week.

C.A. Dyer is negotiating on behalf of the Ohio State Grange and Ohio Farm Bureau to send Ohio’s 2 million pounds of surplus wool in storage to manufacturers where it will be turned into clothing and other goods. According to Dyer’s plan, the clothing would be distributed through the Farm Bureau Federation.

Columbiana County, along with nine other counties, must recount ballots on the prohibition vote for president.

50 years ago this week.

Rev. J.E. Tripp offers the following thoughts on observing Christmas.

“To get the most out of Christmas it is essential to recognize the fact that it is the birthday of Jesus and not the Devil; that it is a Holy day and not a holiday, sacred and not secular, commercialized as it may be.

“That it is a time for retelling the Bible narrative of Jesus’ birth and other related stories, and not a time merely for Santa Claus, funny books and clowns with which the minds of children are so often cluttered.

“That it is a time for meditation upon the character and spirit of the Christ, who went about doing good, ministering to the needy, serving those about him even unto death, and not a time for self-indulgency, jealousies over gifts and orgies of shameful conduct.”

25 years ago this week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Knopp of Green Township, Mahoning County, have something pretty rare in their barn – three husky, healthy triplet Holstein heifers. On a guess they weighed 40, 50 and 60 pounds, and the third one was a “breech baby” and had to be helped. They all ate, then laid down during the first hour out in the big world.

This is the third calving for the mother, Sophia. The calves are sired by a home bred bull, a son of COBA’s “Fond Matt.”


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