Read it Again: Week of Dec. 6, 2001.


80 years ago this week. Ohio ranks fourth in the states with the greatest number of farm motor trucks, at 7,819, and ninth in the number of tractors, at 10,469. There is one truck for every 35 farms and one tractor for every 24 farms. Automobiles are owned on 46 percent of Ohio farms and 62 percent of the farm homes have telephones. Not quite one out of six Ohio farms has water into the house and about one out of seven farm houses has either gas or electric lights.

50 years ago this week. Delegates of the national Grange and the Ohio Farm Bureau approved resolutions opposing universal military training.

Steubenville area milk producers and milk distributors agreed to a milk price of $5.40 per hundredweight for 4 percent milk delivered to distributors during December. The price is 10 cents per hundredweight above the formula price, but distributors are giving this bonus payment “as an expression of appreciation for the nice relations that have existed between producers and distributors during the past year.”

25 years ago this week. Dave Wiles of Ravenna shucked out 19 ears of corn a minute to become the grand champion of the corn husking contest at the Ravenna Fall Festival. His prize was a jug of cider and a folding umbrella.

There were over 200 participants in the event; husking was limited to one-minute intervals to allow greater participation. Huskers of all ages averaged between 4 and 12 ears per minute. Second place was won by Mary Watkins of Ravenna, with 13 ears husked.


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