Read it Again: Week of Feb. 6, 2003.


80 years ago this week. A complete oil drilling rig has arrived at the W.J. Tomlinson farm near Vernon, Ohio, where the first well will be drilled in an effort to find oil in this neighborhood. Considerable acreage in the neighborhood is said to be under lease for oil drilling purposes.

Trumbull County has 1,171 miles of roads, according to County Surveyor R.G. Taylor. Of these, 391.28 miles are improved. The state has taken over 116 miles of the improved roads; the county must maintain the rest. There are 780 miles of dirt roads.

50 years ago this week. Grass-fed cattle going to market with a moderate finish may never top the market but nine times out of 10 they make the stockman the most for his investment.

C. H. Waha, county agent, said it is the “natural way to grow cattle.”

A successful forage management program, the county agent explains, requires “that you understand cattle grazing habits. Cattle are selective in their grazing, choosing the best smelling and tastiest grasses. Under ideal conditions there should be a succession of new growth, which will supply adequate amounts of desirable forage over a long grazing period. In many areas, this can be done by growing pasture mixtures, or in rotating permanent pastures with cultivated grasses.”

25 years ago this week. The worst blizzard in 100 years hit Ohio, Indiana and Michigan Jan. 26 and 27. The National Guard was still on duty in some areas five days later, helping local workers to clear ice and snow.

Most major highways were closed, as were portions of the Ohio turnpike and Interstate 70. Food was being dropped from helicopters on several Indiana communities and it was estimated that at least 2,100 Ohio motorists were stalled in their cars and awaiting help.

Most severe wind was featured, which at one station in Cleveland reached 103 miles per hour; and was 40-80 miles per hour over most of the state. Temperatures remained between zero and 10 above most of the time, making the chill factor 30 to 50 degrees below zero.


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