Read It Again – Week of Jan. 11, 2001


80 years ago this week.

The 84th Ohio General Assembly convened “in what promises to be one of the most importance legislative gatherings ever held in the state.” Issues facing lawmakers included: a new taxation system, revision of prohibition laws; redistricting the state with new congressional apportionment; and reorganization of the various functions of state government.

Carl C. Bair of Middlebranch was elected president of the Stark County Farm Bureau. Other officers are: C.M. Wentling, Beach City, vice president; Miss Sevila Domer, assistant to County Agent A.G. Smith, secretary; W.G. Taylor, Canton Rt. 5, treasurer; George Wearstler, Justus, K.W. Bender of Clinton and G. Laiblin of Hartville, members of the executive committee.

50 years ago this week.

Although there are four times as many corn pickers, and more than twice as many tractors now in use as before the war, the nation’s farmers are still short of equipment. Panic buying of farm implements has resulted in a flood of orders that will consume the next six months’ production.”

“This alarm on the part of farmers is not selfish,” said William Werner, general manager of the New Idea Farm Equipment Company. “It stems from the fact the industry has never been able to catch up with farmers’ implement needs. This shortage has existed ever since the curtailed production of the last war.”

Large scale farm mechanization is necessary to compensate for a drop in farm population and likely losses of farm manpower to industrial and military mobilization.

25 years ago this week.

Total precipitation in this part of Columbiana County in 1975 was 32.2 inches, says weather observer E.R. Copeland. And this was the most water at this station since 1898. In that year, there was 51.1 inches.

The year’s temperature was 49.8 degrees, which is 1 degree above normal. There was also a record in the small number of days below zero and above 90 degrees.


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