Read it Again: Week of Jan. 23, 2003.


80 years ago this week. During five days of Farmers Week at Ohio State University, 17 farmers’ organizations will hold meetings on the university campus. The general program will include 233 lectures, entertainment and demonstrations.

Daniel Yoder of near Wilmot, Ohio, used one of the hogs he had butchered to make sausage. After cleaning the casing, he was able to stuff it with sausage without a break. The one sausage measured 69 feet in one piece!

50 years ago this week. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that 24 million pounds of butter acquired under the 1952-53 dairy price support program will be donated for distribution through nonprofit school lunch programs and to other eligible outlets.

This was authorized by Congress to encourage additional consumption of agricultural commodities.

Dairymen throughout the nation are applauding the long-awaited initial market appearance of a successfully canned whole milk developed from the revolutionary process introduced by L.T. Winger Sr.

Leading dairy spokesmen predict that the bulk of all milk will eventually be canned as a result of the Winger development.

Winger milk can be used for both drinking and cooking purposes as can regular milk.

25 years ago this week. The response to the first year of the “incredible Edible Egg” campaign has been, in a word, incredible. Surveys revealed that nearly one out of every two persons recognizes the campaign, funded by egg producers nationwide to fight slumping consumption of eggs over the last few years.

The Egg Board spent $3.5 million last year on advertising and will increase to $4 million this year. The board is also looking to promote expansion of international markets.

A photo licensing system that gives Ohio drivers more attractive, secure licenses is now operation. The card is made of lightweight durable material that is tamper-resistant and virtually indestructible. Although the license is the same size as the older ones, the data and photo are larger and easier to read because the new license does not require a plastic pouch as before. The card has a minimum life of four years.


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