Read it Again: Week of July 4, 2002


80 years ago this week. During the year ending July 1, Columbiana County has paid out $440 in damages for 110 sheep and one goat from the dog tax fund.

“Never locate the hens’ nests too high – it’s better to have them just so the hen can step in, and not have to jump in. This will save eggs from being broken.”

50 years ago this week. Lightning is believed to be the cause of a fire that caused $20,000 in damages and leveled the Willis Rupert barn on Columbiana-New Waterford Road.

The 60-year-old barn was the storage place for a new corn picker, 1,800 bales of hay, 1,500 bales of straw, a tractor, a wagon and a bale elevator. All of this was destroyed.

The stock, which was also housed in the barn, was in the pasture at the time of the fire.

25 years ago this week. Most of Ohio is too dry and crops look horrible, but storms June 17 caused the ASCS office to ask for disaster aid for townships in two counties. The USDA granted $3,000 to each county for cleanup work.

The cloudburst soaked a good part of Unity, Fairfield and Middleton townships in Columbiana County and Springfield, Poland and Beaver townships in Mahoning County. A rain gauge near North Lima registered 7 inches and Gordon Withers of Springfield said his showed 5 inches. J. Paul Good, executive head of the ASCS office for the two counties, said hail cut the leaves off corn in some areas and several fields of wheat were declared a complete loss.

“There was a lot more washing than most people realize. Until he walks the field, the farmer won’t know how many gullies there are on some of the slopes. Maybe some of them may be found with broken axles on the combine,” Good said.


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