Read it Again: Week of March 29, 2001


80 years ago this week.

K.O. Manful of Augusta in Carroll County, who has one of the finest orchards in this section of Ohio, bought a new spraying outfit.

According to the U.S. Tire Company, more automobiles are owned by farmers than by any other single buying class. Thirty-three percent of cars are in districts under 1,000 population and 22 percent in communities between 1,000 and 5,000 people.

50 years ago this week.

Last week well over 100 potato growers in Ohio and Pennsylvania voted in favor of earmarking one-fourth cent per 100 pound bag of potatoes for advertising and promotion. This was the first vote taken on this issue, according to E.L. Nixon, secretary of the Pennsylvania Potato Growers Association, who spoke at the third annual potato meeting sponsored by the Agnew Farm Equipment company in Youngstown March 21.

The only crop since the Civil War that has not increased in price, primarily due to enormous yields with in particular increase in cost, our per capita consumption of potatoes, Dr. Nixon emphasized, has been halved in the past 10 years. Many potato growers agree that the only way to make the housewife potato conscious is to advertise.

25 years ago this week.

Six or eight bills have been introduced in Congress, which would raise the exemption level for the federal inheritance tax. This is of special interest to farmers because the price of land has increased so much that it is often necessary to sell the farm in order to raise enough cash for the inheritance taxes. The Farm Bureau has been backing the Burleson-Curtis bill, which would raise the exemption to $200,000.


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