Read it Again: Week of May 1, 2003.


80 years ago this week. In Stark County, a quarter of a million dollar deal involving the sale of the old Grovemiller farm of 84 acres, fronting on the Massillon and Whipple roads, has been finalized to five Canton men: Atty. Celsus Pomerene, Presley Campbell, F.X. Volzer, R.A. Staudt and William Zettler. The farm will be divided into lots for suburban homes.

A bill that would have permitted the sale of unstandardized milk In Ohio, introduced by Rep. Perry L. Green of Portage County, was vetoed by the governor. Gov. Donahey said he found no demand from the consuming public for such a change in the present law, which requires that milk must contain at least 3.5 percent of butterfat.

50 years ago this week. Every Ohio farmer will be given a chance this month to express his views on falling farm prices and have them delivered to lawmakers in Washington.

Alarmed over current price drops, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation has announced a “farm price rally” in every Ohio county. Theme of the farmer meetings will be: “What can we do about falling farm prices?”

The fine sunshine of the past few days has given farmers of the area a chance to catch up with their back work. Because of the slick surface of the ground, it has made the general planting of oats about 15 days behind. But now most of the oats are in and the farmers are busy working corn ground.

25 years ago this week. News of two farm sales were printed this week. The first farm, 94 acres owned by David and Joan Rauch on Georgetown Road southwest of Salem, was parceled for housing lots because of so much highway frontage. The parcels were bid for $900 to $2,000 per acre before the Earl Bardo family, whose farm bordered the Rauch farm, huddled and gave the sign to buy the entire farm for $135,000.

The famous Stuart’s Twin Acres farm on Sousa Street in North Lawrence, south of Canton, sold to Mullet Coal Company for $1,600 an acre. The farm, with 385 acres, was owned by Stoll Brothers and then sold to George Ryder. Ryder rented it for years to Donald Howman, who had a herd of Holsteins. The present renter was Luke and Tonya Bledosoe, who milked Ayrshires.


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