Read it Again: Week of May 24, 2001.


80 years ago this week.

Ohio State Professor C.P. Wright is pushing for an addition to the Robinson laboratory on the Columbus campus to be the center of new wireless telephone and radio activity. “Farmers will know market quotations as rapidly as brokers, instead of being compelled to wait hours and sometimes days to know at what price they should buy or sell.”

For sale: Duroc-Jersey pigs, 10 weeks old, eligible for registry, $10 each; E.M. Ramsey, Jacobsburg, Belmont County.

50 years ago this week.

“Farm and Dairy” takes pleasure in welcoming Al Kress and his brother Frank and their families to the Leetonia community. A year ago Al moved to the old Kridler farm on Route 164 and was joined by Frank in December. They formerly had lived on two farms near Rea, Pa. Asked if the combined 330-acre Pennsylvania farms proved too much to handle, Frank prompted: “Not too much, but too steep. Whenever it rained we had erosion. Although we limed and manured, every rain washed more soil into the Ohio River.”

25 years ago this week.

A Burton, Mich., man charged in the November 19 shooting of a bald eagle near Lake City, Mich., was fined $5,000 and sentenced to six months in jail after pleading guilty before Judge Wendel A. Miles in U.S. District Court on May 3 in Grand Rapids.

An Ohio Senate bill would make it more costly to violate certain wildlife laws. The bill increases fines and jail time and authorizes the courts to suspend hunting, fishing and trapping licenses. Courts have been also authorized to confiscate any gun used to take wild animals illegally.


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