Read it Again: Week of May 29, 2003.


80 years ago this week. Summit County extension agent J.C. Hedge of Akron will succeed H.A. Lehman as agricultural agent in Mahoning County. Hedge was born in Noble County and graduated from Ohio State University. Before doing county agent work, he operated a large dairy business in Stark County.

Registrations of purebred Holstein cattle totaled 113,772 in 1922,, and the grand total of registrations for this breed in America exceeds the million mark. The annual meeting of the Holstein-Friesian Association of America opens June 6 in Cleveland. The association has 23,000 members in Ohio. James A. Reynolds of Chagrin Falls is a member of the national board of directors.

50 years ago this week. The grass silage stack has become one of the many weapons the farmer uses in his constant battle with the weather. One of the newest of these is the long-grass silage stack.

Weather conditions during the first cutting of the hay crop has forced many farmers to turn to grass silage in efforts to save their valuable grass-legume roughage.

The forage is taken directly from the swath after mowing, without the use of a chopper or cutter, and placed directly in a stack or trench silo.

For many farmers, the stack has proved to be an economical, practical and reliable method of making a high quality feed from a crop that usually is difficult to harvest and cure because of the weather. The stack method makes it possible for farmers without upright silos to save their first cutting.

25 years ago this week. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reported that Ohio reached a 13-year high in 1977 in drilling operations for gas and oil wells. The drilling represented a 38 percent increase over 1976, and 2,737 operations were reported reflecting the highest level of activity in the state since 1964. Natural gas production led the way, up nearly 10 million cubic feet over the year before.


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