Read it Again: Week of Nov. 28, 2002


80 years ago this week. Dan J. Miller of Millersburg, better known as “Strawberry Dan,” is a local “Luther Burbank,” having developed a new everbearing strawberry that bears fruit until after frost. He sold the berry rights to a Michigan firm.

Clyde Cobbs of Knox Township, Columbiana County, has been the first to drain any considerable acreage on his farm, reclaiming 26 acres this season. In nearby Butler Township near Winona, S.H. Bennett has a project under way to drain 76 acres, and Homer Gibson will drain 10 acres in the same township. The Children’s Home, on Salem-Winona Road, has reclaimed 9 acres and will probably drain another 6 acres.

50 years ago this week. Eugene G. Ifft of Franklin, Pa., and James D. Hutchinson of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., received distinguished service awards for long and outstanding work with the Agricultural Extension Service.

Both men are Pennsylvania county agricultural agents and were selected by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents.

Two agricultural agents in West Virginia were also awarded with distinguished service recognition. They are Raymond S. Virtue of Moundsville, W.Va., and Oliver Johnson of New Cumberland, W.Va.

25 years ago this week. Cattlemen, frustrated by the financial disasters of the last few years, have begun an unusually large and rapid liquidation of their cattle herds. In January 1977, inventory showed 123 million head of cattle compared to 128 million in 1976 and 132 million in 1975.

Beef cows at that time numbered 41.6 million head – 5 percent fewer than a year earlier. Dairy cows declined to 11 million and beef heifers on hand for herd replacement were down 6 percent.


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