Read It Again – Week of Nov. 30, 2000


80 years ago this week.

The Marconi company announced the establishment of wireless telephone service between Ireland and Canada.

In Cleveland, a judge has ruled that women can sew or knit while serving on juries in his court.

50 years ago this week.

A heavy snow and storm has covered all of the area over which Farm and Dairy circulates with from 26 to 28 inches. In many places snow has drifted, which made travel impossible. “Against great odds with much of our force unable to get to the plant at all we have used emergency efforts and have gotten the paper to you.”

We hope that the pulling of the price supports from under eggs does not cause a big smash and scrambling of the egg market. On Dec. 31, 1950, all producer price support programs for eggs will be discontinued. Secretary of Agriculture Brennan said that the reduction in the 1950 support rate had not justified his hope that production would go down. The government now has about $100 million invested in dried eggs.

25 years ago this week.

Congressman Wayne L. Hays, D-Ohio, has uncovered what he considers to be one of the most outlandish regulations promulgated by a federal agency to date.

The Federal Trade Commission, according to Congressman Hays, has proposed a rule which would prohibit advertising a particular food as nutritious or wholesome unless it meets a complicated formula of nutrition content. Under the formula, a food must contain at least one-10th of the recommended daily allowance for protein and three other nutrients, to be considered wholesome, and eligible to be advertised as such.

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