Read it Again: Week of Oct. 17, 2002


80 years ago this week. In Uhrichsville, Ohio, Daniel Fisher, the only ex-slave living in Tuscarawas County and believed to be 100 years old, died suddenly while talking to his wife.

R.F. Taber, farm management demonstrator at Ohio State University, recently completed a summary of farm management work for 1922. In 1921, he noted, there was a heavy decline in farm receipts with a proportionate decline in expenses. In 1918, the average receipts per farm were $2,963 and average expenses, $1,508. In 1919, receipts were $2,835 and expenses, $1,651. In 1920, receipts were $2,961 and expenses, $1,499. In 1921, receipts were $2,257 and expenses, $1,449.

50 years ago this week. A trade war of major proportions seems to be shaping up over the threat of synthetic products entering the dairy market. That the threat is serious is evidenced by the fact that officials of the National Milk Producers Federation have been meeting in Washington formulating policies to combat the substitution of vegetable fats for butter fat in ice cream, cheese and milk.

Monday the price of milk in the Akron district market advanced two cents per quart for regular milk, which is 20 cents per quart and 21 cents for homogenized milk.

This increase in milk prices ends a milk fight that has been waging in the Akron district milk market since last spring.

25 years ago this week. Angus breeders registered 264,620 head of purebred Angus cattle in the 1977 fiscal year, up more than 36,000 head from a year earlier. The nearly 16 percent increase is the largest annual percentage increase in registration in the history of the American Angus Association.

Ohio motorists now get a new view in many areas as a highway safety program has been completed. The program installed half a million reflective markers into roadway pavement to mark center lines and edges.

Farm and Dairy editor Eldon Groves said, “Ohio has always been a leader in highway marking, and this is the biggest undertaking in any one state. Experiments have been under way for 10 years, they say, but not on any roads I travel.”


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