Read it Again: Week of Oct. 31, 2001


80 years ago this week. Medina County resident I.S. Hobbinott has been named to succeed J.C. Neff as county agent in Belmont County. The new agent is a graduate of the agricultural college of Ohio State University and has been employed by the USDA in barberry eradication work.

M.C. Hannan, president of the Buckeye Feeding Company, which operates a hog farm near West Austintown (near Youngstown), has been indicted for maintaining a nuisance, neighbors objecting to alleged offensive odors.

50 years ago this week. The USDA announced the issuance of a federal order to regulate the marketing of milk in Stark County, Ohio. This follows tabulation of a referendum in which 90 percent of producers voting and supplying the area with milk voted in favor of the order.

The order is similar to ones now in effect in Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus.

Auctioneer J. Howard Sinclair died this week. He was one of the best-known auctioneers in eastern Ohio.

25 years ago this week. The idea of a merger of all the major milk marketing co-ops in Ohio has been advance. The proposal was outlined at 53 district meetings over the Milk Inc. territory in northern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania with very little protest and not many questions from the floor.

The proposed merger would involve most of the milk marketed cooperatively in Ohio – five co-ops marketing 4 1/2 billion pounds of milk annually.

Steve Vaughn of Hartville, owner of the grand champion Holstein at the Ohio State Fair, and Terri Mason, the Ohio Holstein Queen, unveiled a new toy put out by Kenner Products at the fair. Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow is the name of the new toy which drinks water from a trough then when she’s ready to give play milk, raises her head and moos.


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