Reader: Bush not perfect, but better than Clinton



I would like to reply to Rebecca Lane’s letter (Reader says President Bush has to go) that was published in the May 27 issue of Farm and Dairy.

How could you publish a letter with such accusations against our president but without any evidence to back up the accusations? What are these impeachable offenses that she mentions?

Rebecca has the Bush administration confused with the Clinton administration!

Since George W. Bush was sworn in as president we have not had any monthly “Bimbo” eruptions, dead staff, the Lincoln bedroom being sold, missing billing records from the Rose law firm, stains on blue dresses, or the President of the United States appearing on national television to apologize for “miss-leading the American public.”

Do you really think for minute if Bush had committed “impeachable acts” that the Bush haters would not be screaming for his hide?

As for the economy, corrupt corporations, and high fuel prices: NAFTA and GATT were both approved and implemented during the Clinton years.

The blame for the poor economy can be tied directly to the “Free Trade” and not “Fair Trade” agreements.

The economic downturn we are experiencing started about six months before Bush was elected.

The corrupt business/accounting practices of Enron, Tyco, etc. were all taking place during the Clinton years; they just happened to implode during the first year of the Bush administration.

Finally, Bush being re-elected for a second term is the last thing that Saudi Arabia and the Muslim controlled OPEC countries want. They do not want Iraq to become a free country for fear that their own subjects will get a taste of freedom and then would ruin their monarchies.

OPEC has cut production to get back at Bush and to keep him from getting re-elected.

Has Bush done a great job as President? No, but I think he has done a better job than the previous administration and that he can do a better job than John Kerry or Ralph Nader.

Ed Bardella

Jamestown, Pa.


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