She’s A Winner


With not one entry sent in, my Prom On a $50 Budget contest bombed. Maybe the Farm and Dairy prizes I promised weren’t enough incentive to take the trouble, or, maybe no one wanted to admit they spent so little on their prom. Either way, Lisa Curll, a school friend of both my daughters, gave me the idea when she told Kathie she was trying to stick to a $50 budget for this year’s prom. I asked Lisa how close she had come to staying within budget. Last year she came closer, but she admittedly spent more than $50 this year. If the girls who said they were making her a duct tape dress would have come through with it, she would have been under budget this time and she would have worn the duct tape dress.
I’m glad they didn’t make it. I’m sure she looks better in the dress pictured, but Lisa is just the avant-garde type to wear a duct tape dress and make a statement.
Josie brought home one of Lisa’s school projects a few years ago, before I’d met Lisa, and let me read through it. The same English assignment Josie had done the year before was a mock-up of a magazine, complete with graphics, ads, and, most important, in writing the articles, the students tested and developed their writing style.
Jo said many girls had cut out pictures of clothes and makeup and done a fashion type magazine. Jo patterned hers after Real Simple with household tips on cleaning, organizing and decorating. Lisa’s magazine had articles about environmental issues. Even her humor was slanted with an adult agenda that really grabbed me, and I thought “This freshman girl really has something. She’s going places.”
As a fellow flutist, Lisa sat beside Kathie in high school concert band. At football games last fall, I thrilled to watch her raise a baton, directing the half -time shows as drum major. Kathie hasn’t seen as much of Lisa at school this year because she took college courses. Lisa has more than a year’s worth of college credits under her belt before graduating from high school this spring, and, being a top student, she has a “full ride” for college.
If any prom-goer has earned a prize, it’s Lisa, so I’ll be giving her a Farm and Dairy cookbook, a mug, and her choice of a T-shirt or cap (maybe I’ll tuck something extra for her in a card if I make it to her graduation party). I always knew she was going places. She’s well on her way. Congratulations Lisa!


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