Sleuth On Ice


We sweltered as the summer sun fastened its hot rays on the west side of our house. I tried not to move around much that afternoon and found things to keep busy – folding clothes that weren’t put away and trying to come up with a plan for our supper that wouldn’t involve heat.
I passed by our bedrooms and glanced at Kathie’s clutch on a game controller and looked beyond to the television screen that showed a snow covered landscape. What a great idea! Although it was hard to keep cool, watching this frosty scene might help my disposition. I sat beside her and watched.
“Is this Goldeneye?” I asked, already certain it was. A gun barrel wagged on the bottom of the TV screen, aiming away any from us toward any threat that might arise, as her character crunched over snowy terrain.
“So, you’re supposed to be James Bond?” I said. She entered small buildings along the way and made a 360


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