Stranded in Sugarcreek turned out to be blessing



We want to thank so many of very kind people in the Sugarcreek, Ohio, area.

What started as a church bus trip to Roman Yoder’s Hillside Buggy shop and Warther’s Carving Museum in Dover completely changed our group and totally blessed each one of us.

After touring Yoder’s shop, our group stopped at the Homestead Restaurant in Charm and had the most delicious meal ever. We then drove to Sugarcreek and walked down Main Street. When we were leaving Sugarcreek, our trusty little bus would not start.

While we were sitting there, a kind young man and his wife with a red Ford 4-by-4 truck pulled in behind us and offered assistance. We were able to get the bus running, however we determined that the electrical system was not working and decided the alternator had quit.

We drove the bus to Scott’s Auto where he checked the alternator and confirmed that it was not working. He directed us to the NAPA store and they, in turn, directed us to Sugarcreek Truck Sales and Services.

These people were so kind to us and called many stores to find the right alternator. They also allowed all 19 of us to wait in their cool office. Mark, Skoot, and Mike tried many different ways to get our bus on the road and even made several trips to other places for parts.

Due to many delays and problems, our group remained there for about five hours. Marion, Mary and Danny Beachy opened their social room for all of us. We just truly were overwhelmed with their generosity and kindness.

What a great fellowship we had. Even though we never made it to Warther’s, we had a most rewarding trip.

We certainly can’t thank everyone enough, but we will never forget our trip and the kind, friendly people of Sugarcreek.

Senior Saints of the

Portersville Bible Church

Portersville, Pa.


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