Thanks for keeping trash in landfills, not ditches



Gone are the days when simply running the township or county dump accounted for local trash disposal policy.

Counties now have lead responsibility for establishing solid waste management plans that meet with EPA approval and which achieve state-set solid waste management goals.

What county landfills can accept and how different kinds of trash are handled, has become a major business enterprise.

In recent years, this work has expanded to include recycling yard waste, household hazardous waste, tires, electronic equipment and many other disposal programs.

We in the rural and agriculture sector still have some problems with finding solid waste in our fields or along a rural road, but it is not of the magnitude as years past.

The Mahoning County Farm Bureau Policy Development and Ecology committees want to thank and encourage the Green Team, Recycling Division of Mahoning County to continue their positive impact and continued expansion of centralized collection points for solid waste items.

We also encourage all citizens to participate in the recycling programs.

Marjorie I. Yerman

Diamond, Ohio

(The author is ecology coordinator with the Mahoning County Farm Bureau.)


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