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My good friend, who is now in heaven, said, “Don’t start with a stop” [Rev. Clayton Bailey, Evangelist Church of the Nazarene]. The election is over, the people have spoken. It’s time to move forward and do our best to work together and make our country the greatest country in the world. “With all her faults, she is my country still” [Edmund Burke].

Just because we love our country does not mean we dislike other nations. One of the great characteristics of our nation has been our care and concern for other nations. We may not always agree with other nations; however, I am reminded of the words of Philip James Bailey who said, “America – half brother of the world.”

Not too long ago, we experienced one of the worst storms on the east coast. Many people lost their homes and possessions. Some lost their lives. Keep those people in your prayers that with God’s help they can rebuild again and get back to a normal way of life. Pray for the families of those who lost their lives that God’s comfort and grace will be sufficient for their needs. Many of our fellow Americans will need a new start.

Even if your party or candidate did not win their election, we are still Americans. Let us work together and do our best to make our country a better place for the future of our children and grandchildren. “Then join in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!” [John Dickinson]. We can’t afford to start with a stop. We are running out of time. Let us join in prayer daily and ask God to renew our hope and love for our country.

Let us pray together for those who will be serving in their various offices that God will give them good leadership and wisdom to do their best to make America greater than it’s ever been. American – the home of the homeless all over the world. Let us never lose that reputation. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” [Psalm 33:12]. God bless America!

Think about it!


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George A. Hazlett is a retired minister in the Church of the Nazarene. He has written the weekly column, Think About it!, published weekly in Farm and Dairy for almost 28 years. He and his wife, Myrna, live in Hartville, Ohio.



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