Wicked Ways and the Short Sheet Sisters


Our high school band enjoyed a chartered bus trip to Toronto in March. My senior, Jo, was included, although she’s not part of the band but has several friends who are. Her little sister, Kathie, a band member, planned to go when another commitment conflicted. The trip itinerary included a stop at Niagara Falls (not high on my places to-go-list) and, what I considered the highlight of the trip, seeing the musical Wicked. We had to fill the bus seat so I went in Kathie’s place.
Although the excerpted scene from Wicked that I viewed on last year’s Tony awards was cute, but not compellingly memorable, I hoped this production, with Broadway quality touring company, would be first rate.
After a day’s ride to Canada and a cold, wet walk at Niagara, we dined at Medieval Times where we ate a four-course meal with our fingers and I consumed almost half a chicken


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