The Christmas tree


By Brandon Hozian
Kirtland, Ohio
Age 11


There once was an evergreen tree that got planted in a forest. It wanted to grow to be a great big tree that would decorate a fabulous mansion for Christmas and children can find their gifts under.

When this tree got cut down to be sold, the evergreen tree was not bought by people who owned a mansion. It was bought by people who did not have a lot of money.

The tree was not so happy. It feared that its beauty would not be shown.

The owners of the tree brought the tree home to a little house. It was not what the tree expected, however, the house felt warm inside. The family began to decorate and prepare for Christmas.

While they were getting ready, the tree witnessed such great love and joy. The family was merrily singing and laughing as they decorated their new tree.

Then the Christmas tree realized that it was not about what kind of house you were in, it is about the loving family in the house and how happy they are. The tree stood proud to be in this house and show its beauty for all to see.

The family had a great Christmas and so did the tree because the tree learned that Christmas is the season of love.


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